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Mallikātype specializes in designing high-quality Chinese typefaces that reflect contemporary aesthetics. We provide users with reliable and long-term font solutions, with a particular focus on brand and product typography, based on years of research and experience. Additionally, we prioritize the implementation of various domestic and international font standards and are capable of developing multilingual font libraries. We provide services as follows:
  • Brand fonts: headline and body fonts, multilingual font libraries
  • Application fonts: print media, advertising, digital media, architectural signage
  • Product fonts: embedded fonts in software and hardware, mobile apps, and various appliances
  • Jinhua Mincho
  • Beiwei Longmen
  • 29LT Zarid Sans SC
  • Zhen
  • Glok Sans
  • Fiction Gothic
  • Yebai Script

Drawing inspiration from woodblock printing, Jinhua Mincho features a flat shape and wide counters, coupled with gentle strokes that exude a classic yet modern feel. This versatile font is perfect for title, subtitle, and short paragraph layouts. In recognition of its exceptional design, Jinhua Mincho was awarded the New York TDC in 2022.

Omagari Toshi designed the latin logotype for Mallikā.
Richor created the website for Mallikā.